What are you doing?

A lot of New Yorkers are too busy to read books.  Or maybe you only have time for books that promise a good return on the investment — self improvement manuals, healthy living and how-tos and so forth.  Plus the thirty-two thousand six-hundred and seventeen million websites you check every day to stay on top of things at work.

Classic non-fiction — history and essays — might be great for the weekend.  But you’ll probably be drunk or unconscious by then.

Novels are a pure indulgence — a Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup in our gluten-free yoga-crazed world.

So here’s the deal:  I hate yoga.  I read a little bit of everything, and I read pretty much all the time.  You can see what I’m working on at the top of the sidebar.  Every time I finish something, I’ll tell you what was in it.  And I’ll keep it short, because you’re in a hurry.

387 thoughts on “What are you doing?

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